Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What my skin wears

Hello guys!
If you are wondering how to keep and make your skin look always fresh I have some tips for you!
Trust me, my baby keeps me awake still quite often during the nights and that is the biggest challenge for my skin right now!

How to keep a fresh look:
- Try to sleep as much as possible (even if you have kids! It`s very hard for me but I try to!)
- Eat green! Make yourself a lot of fruits and vegetables smoothies!
- Go to the gym and train a lot! Even walks help a lot if you don`t have the time to go to the gym! While you are training and sleeping your skin renew its oxygen  and keeps a young glow!
- Clean your skin every morning and remove the make up every evening
- Use some good products!

At the moment, because of my lack of sleep at nights, every morning and evening before the usual day and night cream, I apply the fortifying anti-age repair serum by KIKO. It`s amazing! It strengthens the support structure of the skin thanks to the technology contained in the K2 age-rescue that can re-densify the skin.
The 3D contour cream eyes and lips can not be missing of course!

Anti Age - Serum
Eyes Rescue
Hope my tips will help you. But remember a SMILE is always the best you you can wear to look splendid!!!!!! :*

Xoxo elisir

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